Saturday, March 1, 2008
Every year during this stage of the competition, one of the contestants will simply take all of our breath away with an unforgettable and memorable performance. Last year was Melinda and this year it's the highly gifted David Archuleta. I was totally shocked when he started singing as I thought singing 'Imagine' a song so well known is as Simon puts it, highly risky but David did amazingly especially with his own arrangement to it.

For the night as a whole, the guys really showed what they got. The ones that deserves special mention to me would be Danny Noriega, David Cook and especially David Hernandez who gave the 2nd best performance of the day for me.

The thing that bug me a little is with the song choice. With a great decade to choose from which is the 70's, it is just astonishing why some of them did not pick better and more impactful songs for the week.

Oh well, lets just see what the girls cook up tomorrow then.

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