Wednesday, February 27, 2008
This season promises to be one of the very best in terms of talents. The top 24 reaffirms that with large number of worthy performances as Simon would put it. I strongly believe the competition would really be right on the line when it comes down to the last 16 as those who remain if America vote wisely brings something to the table may it be vocal, showmanship, personality or character.

The boys kick of the week with quite a number of originality shown in their rendition of songs and that sets the tone for what to expect from this season no doubt. Among the most memorable for me would be David Achuleta and David Cook performance.

As for the girls who took the stage a day later, they really gave the boys a run for their money and more. One thing that stood out for me with the girls this year is the hunger among them seem to be there more so than previous seasons. The highlight of the show is Ramiele Malubay who totally blew me away with her vocal control and I feel that she would surely make it very far into this season's competition.

Other great performance which comes to mind are from the energetic Alexandrea Lushington and very determined Syesha Mercado.

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