Tuesday, June 5, 2007
A remarkable new way to earn extra money from our blog by adding updated news feed provided by the good people over at The News Room. It is truly a win win situation for everyone involved. All news feed are fully licensed from established and renowned content providers such as Associated Press and Reuters.

It works out even better as us bloggers can pick and choose the news which are relevant to our blog topic and this in turn will enhance our blog quality as well. Here are the payout rates for your perusal:

CPM When Viewed on Your Site
CPM When Viewed On Referred Site
Video Feed
Video Story
Text Story

I'm sure you will agree that the payout rate is very lucrative as compared to other earning platforms available today. A blog with high traffic and audience surely can rake in a nice monthly income from this program. Presently I believe that payments are made only via checks on a monthly basis with a minimum amount USD 50.00 accumulated balance. Personally I wish they provide the Paypal payment option or allow us to set the amount we would prefer to be paid. For other earning platforms I am involved in, I've always set the minimum payout rate of USD 100.00 cause the bank charges and fees is high which just doesn't make sense for amount lesser than that.

Getting started is easy by just browsing through your preferred category and choose either to embed or in their own term; mash a video, article or image on your blog. As an example, I decided to feature Jordin Spark video which is perfect for my blog.


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