Thursday, May 3, 2007
At this stage of the competition, it can be somewhat predictable until when it reach the Top 3 especially for this season. This week saw Phil and Chris being eliminated and I strongly believe it ain't so much about how well they perform this week but more importantly how well they have won fans over in the course of the past 7 weeks. This is where Phil and Chris lacked I believe.

I'm sad to see Phil go since he have really found his footing lately although a little too late as I mentioned. I would have preferred Lakisha to go but who can deny her large fan base. My guess its her turn next since the other remaining 3 looks quite untouchable and with Blake being the only guy left, he will surely gain extra votes especially from Chris fans.

As for Chris… there isn’t much to say about him and that is a bad thing on its own. I do hope a gentle heart like his will find success in the near future. Next will be Disco week coached by Barry Gibb and if you are interested, Barry is keeping a dairy on this which should be interesting.

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