Thursday, May 17, 2007
Oh My Gawd!!! Totally unbelievable results. Although I always thought this might happen to whoever who gets to this stage but didn't expect it this season at least not to Melinda.

I strongly believe that she will have a great career ahead of her and unlike Jordin or Blake, she doesn’t need to be crowned American Idol to achieve that dream of hers. Tonight might be another classic case of voters feeling too assured for Melinda thus casting less votes in for her.

Taking Elliott Yamin as an example who was the guest artist this evening or Chris Daughtry from previous season, the future is still very bright even for not finishing first or second in the competition.

As for the finale, I don’t mind who wins it now cause I adore them both for their own uniqueness. I guess it will come down to their performance next week and their fan base. For speculation sake, Jordin might have a slight advantage being most likely the favorite choice for Melinda's legion of fans.

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