Friday, May 25, 2007
There was some major feature additions over at PayPerPost yesterday which I feel will further strengthen their market dominance for paid reviews or paid to blog industry. The main new feature called PPP Direct is basically a very simple concept of doing it better than your competitors.

With their strength in the number of registered bloggers, the PPP Direct model is very much like ReviewMe except for the low commission rate which goes to PayPerPost. I believe this is very fair as all the marketing work in sourcing for the advertiser is done by the publisher themselves. So why shouldn't they get the bulk of the fee?

All you have to do is to integrate the new PPP Direct badge unto your blog and if an advertiser is keen to advertise on your blog, all they have to do is click on this badge. Then it goes to a negotiation between the advertiser and yourself. This additional feature of interaction is heaven sent in my opinion. It allows us to lower or increase our asking fee depending on the requirements of the advertisers. For example if the advertisers requested for 300 words or additional links, you can suggest an additional fee for doing that.

At the end of the day, PayPerPost is giving more control to both the advertisers and bloggers with this new awesome feature.


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