Thursday, May 17, 2007
IT managers and administrators face a huge task in getting their network running smoothly. Once that is completed to a satisfactory level, it then boils down to managing it well by reducing downtime to a minimum which is the ultimate goal and then utilizing it to improve the business with timely information.

Fortunately there is a program which make it so much easier called WhatsUpGold. This powerpacked and highly comprehensive network monitoring tool have accrued numerous rave reviews from the industry and rightly so too. One of it's biggest strength lies in the user friendly interface or console which makes navigation a breeze.

The list of features is very impressive indeed. Here are just some of them:
  • Web-based Monitoring through a new Scalable Web framework
  • Workspaces with 100+ Customizable Reports
  • Device Dependency Management
  • System Performance Reports using WMI Counters
  • Performance Monitors & Reports using WMI Counters
  • Application Monitoring Templates for SQL Server & Exchange
  • Custom scripted monitors or actions (VBScript/JavaScript)
  • Web Content Monitoring (HTTPS/HTTP)

This amazing program is perfect for small to medium sized businesses where there is plenty of room for growth as your business needs advances and requirements gets more complicated. Needless to say if your company depends a lot on your network and obtaining crucial information, then you should really check this program out today.

Best of all, you can even take it for a free spin and experience it's multitude of functionalities.

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