Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Awesome week this turned out to be with 3 performance from each of the final 3 contestants based on the judges, producers and personal choice. This is one of the highlight of the season for me to see their versatility and to see their desire to make it to the final.

Here are my favorite performance from each segment:

Round 1: Judges’ Choice
Melinda - I Believe In You And Me

Bloody amazing from Melinda... what else can I say about this lil pro which has not been said before. Her control was simply remarkable and it sure is the best of all 9 performance this week for me.

Round 2: Producers’ Choice
Jordin - She Works Hard For The Money

This is the type of song and style I envision she would excel in after this competition. Her only weakness which is no fault of hers is that she lacks the experience and charisma that Melinda seems to oozes gallons of but nonetheless she will do extremely well and possibly enjoy even better record sales than Melinda.

Round 3: Contestants’ Choice
Blake - When I Get You Alone

He won this segment for me with his energetic and smooth trademark rendition which will surely please his legion of fans. The other point I admire him for was that he went with a new song unlike Melinda and Jordin.

Overall, I believe Melinda have already booked her ticket to the finals but the surprise this week is how Blake took it up a notch and showed his determination to progress. It's going to be a tough fight between Jordin and Blake this week which actually I thought Blake would not even have a chance. I guess his won over a large portion of Chris R's fans after his elimination.

All the best to all of them tomorrow.

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