Wednesday, May 16, 2007
This is one part of the show I look forward to every season cause it shows how a typical person can suddenly become a super star. These most watchable videos are contributed by their very own fan and I must say after watching them all, we have 3 very diverse singers here with their own unique style.

First up is Blake

Next is Jordin

Last but not least... Melinda but unfortunately the owner disabled the embed feature so just visit this link directly for the best fan made video amongst the 3.

Melinda Doolittle Honored in Hometown

Overall... Jordin was totally amazing! Melinda a little too preachy for my taste but I still adore her and the video of Blake shows just how much stranglehold he's got over his teenage fans. So whoever leaves later this week should be proud of themselves cause they are already winners in their own right.

Just look at Elliot Yamin who was eliminated at this stage last season, he still managed to get a recording deal and he sure deserves it too.

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