Thursday, May 3, 2007
If you are like me who gets a rush everytime I get a good bargain bidding for auctions, then you will definitely love bid4prizes whereby the lowest unique bid wins!

You could win a brand new Apple iPhone just by registering. It is product which I can't stop drooling over to be honest. Knowing the type of superb quality of Apple products, this is one gadget I could really see myself owning. Yes I am sucker for large screens but who isn't right?

How the lowest unique bid works is basically the winner would be the one and only bidder for the lowest amount. This is really a cool and fun concept. At present there are several available ongoing bids which comprises of items such as notebooks, plasma tvs to believe it or not... a BMW 3 Series!

Just imagine owning the BMW for a fraction of the cost will surely drive you mad no doubt. The great thing about bid4prizes is that even if you do not win the auction, you can still redeem prizes from a large selection of items with your credits earned.


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