Friday, May 18, 2007
Have you ever thought of one day publishing your own book? Perhaps something along the line of your expertise or even your life journey? If you have contemplated on this, then you will know how important the role of a publisher is for you to help in launching your book project.

AuthorHouse is a 10 year old self-publishing company with tons of experience in helping seasoned and first-timer authors achieve their dreams. The main unique strength of their service is that the author retains the right and have ultimate control over their project.

They even have an online book store to market your newly published book besides providing you with timely details of your book project progression. If in the event you need some ideas or motivation, just stop over their resource center which features case studies, writing tips and much more.

Visit their Quick Tour page for a clearer understanding of how things work and how they can assist you more specifically.


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