Friday, April 20, 2007
Surfing the web can be daunting these days by having to filter through millions upon millions of sites. At times what we really need is a platform whereby we can obtain all the latest updates and articles from our favorite sites without having to go through them one by one. We can manage that and much more at anywhere we may be with internet access of course.

One of the main feature I love is being able to use their Bookmark and RSS features and group them by topic for convenient reading. As mentioned on their site, this would be perfect for students who are researching a particular topic as they can organize all the info in an orderly manner which ultimately saves precious time. Organizing your bookmark is easy and you can even customize it a little to your liking as can be seen from the screen shot here:

A key security feature is more towards personal usage for example lets say in our office. We can still have access to all our favorites without the need to traditionally bookmark it on our office computer where privacy is concern and with easy browser integration nowadays to online bookmarks, this truly is heaven sent.

As the saying goes, more heads are better than one and this holds true here as well. We can browse other member's bookmark within the same categories of our interest to explore sites which might have eluded us. This in return also means that we can do the same and share our bookmarks with others. Check out this sample bookmark topic on where to find RSS feeds or the screenshot below highlighting News feed.


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