Thursday, April 12, 2007
I never thought it would happen but the guys brought the house down this week (excluding you know who of course). Blake for me was the best of the lot followed closely by Melinda and Chris. As I'm sure you all know, Melinda is my favorite but I think she could have done better by being more teasingly sexy and Simon was spot on to say the performance was kinda woody. Anyways check out Blake's ultra cool performance:

If you do not take you know who again into consideration, then the weakest in my opinion was Haley. Her song choice was terrible cause there was hardly any actual solo singing being constantly accompanied by the amazing backup trio and for this, I believe it is the end of the road for her unless America fall for her legs again.

Contestants aside, I think Simon is having one of his lousy streak days cause he was being so negatively critical. On the other hand, I feel Jennifer Lopez stood out as a mentor with her charisma and personality. For that I shall feature the video where the Top 8 first met up with her... so Enjoy!

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