Thursday, April 26, 2007
With a noble theme this week, I picked 2 performance which make a profound impact on me in delivering the message. The two that came out tops for me were Jordin and Phil. That being said, all of them really raised their game and as the judges said, the competition has now come to live.

Jordin picked a Liverpool song but boy did she sang it differently than the usual chants we here in the stadium. Not only did she sang it so well but her delivery was impeccable. With a string of magnificent performances since Top 12 and in particular this week's, she is definitely going into the final this season for me.

As for Phil, I believe he has improved leaps and bounds starting off with last week's country performance. I couldn't agree with Simon more about how he should stick to the country music style which suits his vocal. I have a good feeling he will be around next week.

The golden question of who is going home... if I had to pick, then my guess would be Chris but we'll see.

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