Tuesday, April 10, 2007
The wonderful people at PayPerPost.com started a new promotion which is '1k Tuesdays' whereby there will be a total of USD 1,000 value in opps or tasks to be taken by members every Tuesday for the entire month of April between midnight and 11:59PM EST. Now this is by far the best earning platform for blogging if you ask me!

This USD 1,000 is split into one USD 500 Opp and five USD 100 Opps for this particular week after many members request. Initially they wanted to have only one opp valued at a mind boggling USD 1k but that would mean only one member would benefit from it. This for me is a much better plan and I do hope they continue to do so for future Tuesdays as well, until the end of this month that is.

How is this possible you ask? Well this '1k Tuesday' promotion is sponsored by the lovely people at Zookoda which provides email marketing to us fellow bloggers to improve stickiness and readership to our blog. The unique features includes customization of your newsletter and being able to view detailed reports on your newsletter performance.

I just hope a new advertisers would take up this awesome promotional slot for future months. In the meantime though... Thank You Zookoda and PayPerPost for giving Tuesday a totally whole new meaning!


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