Friday, April 20, 2007
What a result show this was! It was finally the end of the road for Sanjaya which has been long overdue purely based on talent cause this kid is a real nice character. Shockingly though Lakisha and Blake find themselves in the bottom 3 which means Phil and Chris is save. That really shows that you've gotta perform well week in and week out which is something very lacking in Lakisha I must say.

As for this week's mentor Martina McBride, the song she sang was so beautiful and meaningful especially in a time like this. The 2 parts where she dedicated to the contestants was so moving and I do not think any other mentor really connect themselves to the contestants as much as Martina did this week.

If J.Lopez oozes confidence and charisma last week, Martina touched everyone’s heart with her strong and compassionate soul. This one is a keeper for sure for seasons to come.

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