Tuesday, April 10, 2007
You really have to give the creative people at PPP credit for their out of this world marketing techniques. Who would have ever dream of breaking a Guinness Book of World Records such as this? Yup... they did just that today and even better, they are promoting it too.

So what is the target then? Well according to the PPP blog post, the highest comments they believe to be in the 350 region but they are not leaving anything to chance by setting a goal of a staggering 2,000 unique human generated comments which contains a minimum of at least 25 words each. So those commonly seen comments such as "Cool!", "All the best!" and "I agree!" just won't cut it.

At the time of writing, there are already 37 comments made and achieving the goal would most likely not a problem since their member base is so large. So its a matter of WHEN rather than IF in this case. Perhaps due to the recent projects they are launching this week, they just wanted to have some fun.

I presume they are looking at a long term goal of gaining popularity and sustain their tight hold on being the very best paid posting platform in the entire web. For this I surely wish them good luck and kudos for attempting this feat.

If you want to be apart of this historical event, go to PPP's blog and comment away!


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