Thursday, April 12, 2007
I recall vividly the time I first moved down to KL and was frantically looking to get a good value used car at the very last minute as I was starting work the following Monday. An old high school friend of mine took me all around hunting for it but most of what I saw was way off my budget. I guess the sales fellas could smell my desperation from miles away.

Nowadays with the internet, sourcing Used Cars For Sale can be done from the comfort of our home or internet cafe for that matter. It makes the selection process so easy there's no commission hungry salesman breathing down our necks.

If all goes well within the next year or so, I'm aiming to get my hands on a good condition Mazda 3. I just love the ultra sporty look of the car since the day it was launched. Is it perhaps wishful thinking? Nah... it surely is possible especially if there is a good price tag on it.


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