Sunday, April 8, 2007
As in everything else we do in life, all of us desire to be admired for the hardwork we have done may it be in academically, career, as a parent or in sports. Now this time around comes blogger awards which is one of the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Blogger.

If you frequent a particular blog and think that the author deserves the accolade, then by all means register at blogger awards and nominate for him or her. If in the case your favorite blog is already nominated, then just cast in your precious vote.

There are so many categories from the obvious to the hysterical such as Best Geek Blog, Most Obnoxious Blogger and Worst Blog of All Time. God knows I wouldn't want to ever see one of my blogs in those categories. One of the key thing I like about this contest is being able to view what readers or viewers like about a particular blog and learn from their success.

It is really enlightening to see some nominated blogs which are so well done not only in terms of their design elements but also how they use the latest tools to make their blog really stand out with great functionality. Although I must say in some categories, its the usual suspects sitting right on top of the pile but who knows, perhaps an upset is in the cards.

Winners will be announced on 2nd June, so watch out and keep track of the very best or the very worst in the entire blogsphere. This should be fun!


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