Sunday, March 25, 2007
Being the Malaysians that we all are, flocking to get great bargains is as common as going to the mamak for a cup of teh tarik. This seems true nowadays as well when it comes to bargains found online via direct or coupon based. is a great place to start hunting with a huge collection of coupon codes from various categories. For an internet buff like myself, featured merchants such as Yahoo Search Marketing, Dell and Amazon represents some of the best discounts available. This portal is like a one-stop coupon and discount resource which is updated daily.

How it works is basically by keying in the coupon codes during checkout at the selected merchant site after choosing the product or products you are interested in purchasing. Immediate confirmation of the discounted rate should be displayed on the confirmation page just prior to paying.

Unfortunately there are many good merchants listed which we Malaysians might not be able to purchase from, so do read up on the merchant's shipping terms before continuing with the purchase.


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