Monday, March 5, 2007
I've always preferred close community living in apartments or condominiums as compared to landed properties. Sadly quite often at times, some residents just do not have the basic courtesy and civic mindedness that comes with it.

t's bad enough for those who neglect to pay their monthly maintenance fee but throwing smelly rubbish at public places when 5 properly spread out bins can be easily and conveniently access is another story all together. Several months back, I even found a rubbish bag filled with leftover durians inside the elevator. The pungent smell was remarkable to say the least.

In this time and age, one would think that Malaysians would be more civic minded and have more common sense but cases like these is a testament to just how bad the 'Tidak Apa' attitude thrives among the Malaysian society today.

Last weekend I was at Jaya Jusco at about 9.40pm buying some discounted sushis and I lined up to pay at the express lane since it was just 2 items. When it was my turn, suddenly a lady with her teenage son came rushing next to me since there were no one else at the express lane. In her trolley was close to 20 items and immediately the checkout girl politely mention that this is a 8 items or less express lane while she was giving me my change. Shockingly this lady didn't even bother and slowly placed her items on the counter.

By that time there were 2 other customers lining up behind her trying to pay for their sushis. So in a polite manner I tried to explain to her what the checkout girl said. To everyone's surprise she raised her voice at me saying that she was in a hurry and claimed the line at the normal checkout lanes were too long. Oh my lord... everyone around that area was shocked at her reaction and luckily the nearby security guard put her items back in her trolley and pushed her to the side. I didn't bother to witness what happened after that as I had guests coming to my place but that was indeed a topic of discussion that evening with my friends.


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