Saturday, March 24, 2007
Its been nearly 3 years since the demise of Cronous at the hands of E-Games Malaysia which at the time was running on a pay to play basis. Myself and a few close friends were ardent supporter of the game even though it lacks the beautiful graphics we all come to expect from online games today, Cronous more than makes up for it in terms of gameplay.

Recently, the developer themselves decided to launch the english version of the game under the banner Global Cronous. It is currently in close beta but should be open to public in a few weeks time. If you are keen to give this game a try, just visit their Global Cronous site to keep updated on public beta launch dates.

Surprisingly I was accepted as one of the many close beta testers and during the first day of testing just 2 days ago, it brought back fond memories from the past. Check out the screen shot on the left here captured during the first day. From my observation, this seems to be a slightly older version of game compared to the Korean and Japanese version but still very much worth hours of playing time.

My main concern previously was the lack of support but with Lizard Interactive managing this themselves, I foresee much better times in the future.


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