Friday, March 2, 2007
Oh My Goodness!!! You guys HAVE TO WATCH THIS! Melinda's performance literally left me speechless and goosebumps all over with the way she tenderly end the song. I had to watch it over like 10times to really appreciate her voice control and charisma. I guess she wanted to outperform Lakisha who did so well the previous week and boy did she achieved that with her very own rendition of My Funny Valentine.

This is my new No.1 best out of top 12 performance EVER dislodging Mandisa and Anwar. I just can't wait for next week for her next song choice and to hear her powerful voice which I've come to admire.

If you listen closely to the end part of the video when the judges said, "YOU WANT ME TO NAME NAMES?", You can hear Melinda say "No (please don't humiliate them sort of thing)"... it shows what an amazing person she is and I love her for that!

Judging from these past 2 weeks, I strongly believe it will most likely be an all girls top four with Melinda, Lakisha, Stephanie and Sabrina leading the way.

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