Friday, March 23, 2007
Holy Maccaroni Banana Split COW! The amazing Chris R and super talented Stephanie in the Bottom 2!!! TOTALLY Speechless!

Its either this show is losing its spark among Americans or its turning out to be a popularity contest in terms of gaining support and not so much on who can actually SING!

Well lets talk about the performance first. The 3 that stand out for me this week was as always Melinda and then Jordin and Chris Robinson. This week featured video I picked is not only based on performance but also I think the contestant who have improved the most... and that is none other than Ms. Jordan Sparks. Enjoy the video:

Back to the results, all I can say is what a bloody disappointing week's this results is and don't even get me started on Sanjaya... Sigh!

Well here's to little Stephanie cause she definitely have the talent to take her far and perhaps all she really need now is some experience which I'm sure this competition have given her lots of.

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