Saturday, March 10, 2007
Through my blogging journey, I kept stumbling upon bloggers advising to submit to directories to increase traffic. So far from my 4 blogs, this effort seems not as effective as they say it would be. I must admit I do receive some traffic via some notable directories but is it necessary to submit our blogs to hundreds of them?

I tend to find geo and industry specific directories to be slightly more effective thus far. For example as a case study, is very targeted to the Advertisng and British audience and I could foresee a blog within the related topic to do very well here. Of course the question of the directory's own traffic is important but for a newly launched directory such as is hard to measure.

The uniqueness about is that submissions have to be paid and thus this raises another question whereby are paid directories better? Do they use their revenue to promote themselves which will eventually benefit their advertisers?

Well unfortunately for me, the standard sponsored 1 month submission of £4.97 (approx. USD 9.60) to is a little too much for my budget. Although from the current over 1,000 paid submissions I can see from the main page, it begs to differ. Perhaps it does benefit the advertising related sites located in London.


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