Saturday, March 31, 2007
The music industry is indeed a huge industry where artists and bands find it hard to make themselves known or getting the much lucrative recording contract. Only a selected handful make it to promise land may it be through connections, luck or the latest method... reality talent shows such as American Idols or Battle of the Bands.

Thankfully there is an online resource called where new budding artists and bands can expose themselves to the industry. This is made even more friendly by the category system employed where one can look for various talents in Pop Artists, Gothic Bands and so on.

With the upcoming Music Player feature, interested parties can have a taste of the many talents on show and this can once again propel the unknowns into tomorrow stars.

I guess's mission statement says it all: is dedicated to providing independent Artists from solo, trio to bands, the best outlet possible to be heard globally on the Internet. Just as important is our goal to provide you, the Artists, with a new revenue and distribution model for your music.


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