Monday, March 26, 2007
I make quite a lot of calls to the US to keep in touch with my college friends each month? Doing so via normal fixed line rates can be quite expensive and even more so with mobile direct IDD. Calling card is definitely the way to go as I've been using it frequently during my time in Hawaii to call back home to my parents and I guess the habit of using it continued till this day.

There are many international mobile phone card calls available but today's feature is a service called Pingo, the phone card arm of the best wholesale international carrier iBasis. Their objective is not only to make it cost effective but quality of the call as well to enhance the calling experience of their members.

Best of all if you sign up with them via this post, they will give you USD 5.00 worth of Free Calls. You can check out their rates to numerous countries from this country listing. A call to Malaysia starts from just a mere USD 0.028 cents per minute which is amazing considering even our very own Time dotCom rate is RM 0.38 per min or about USD 0.10.


posted by Daryl W.T. Lau at 21:28 |