Friday, February 2, 2007
Since his abrupt departure from last season's American Idol, Chris have been blessed with an even larger fanbase perhaps due to the so called controversy over his elimination. His band, called Daughtry, saw their self-titled debut album, released in November on Sony BMG's RCA label, jump to No. 1 last week. The disc has sold nearly 1.3 million copies on the shoulders of its single, "It's Not Over."

The amazing thing about that statistics is that Daughtry have out sold the gray-haired Taylor Hicks debut album by nearly doubled. Perhaps it's his appeal to the younger segment of listeners which Taylor might find it hard to penetrate with his adult contemporary songs.

Nevertheless the American Idol show have propelled his career and the future does look bright for him and his band. He did actually turn down an offer to be the lead singer for the band Fuel and decided to sign instead with 19 Recordings Unlimited, the label managed by "Idol" creator Simon Fuller. The deal though allowed him to form his own band which is his dream and here he is today with his own band and a No.1 album on the charts. Well done indeed!


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